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This necklace is great for anyone who wishes to help with calm during emotionally volatile moments.  


Some facts about  Goldstone  

Goldstone is a man-made glass that has copper flecks suspended in it. This gives the stone the illusion of sparkle.


It is usually made up of Gypsum and Feldspar, and often comes in reddish brown color.


But there are Goldstones that are also color blue and green.


It’s been told that a bunch of alchemist monks trying to make gold were the first people who created Goldstone.


In the process, copper shavings were accidentally knocked over into a pot of molten glass, creating the first Goldstone!


Healing properties of Goldstone   

When you decide that you want to achieve something, Goldstone’s energies will work with you to make it happen!


It will make sure that you don’t do or say something that you will regret.
It will work to calm your strong emotions so that you will still be able to think clearly and not make any rash decisions.


Goldstone will help you stay energized and enthusiastic. It willrevitalize your energy field so that there’s no dull moment spent with you.


Goldstone is also a power creator that can remove all negative energies and attract the positive ones.


When you’re operating on mostly negative energies, you will not have peace of mind, and you will only succeed on pushing away the important people in your life.


It can build your confidence and belief in yourself. It will boost the glow of your life force, and it will strengthen your inner self.


Goldstone is all about personal development. Whatever will be beneficial for your body, heart, mind, and spirit, it will be made possible for you.


This stone can give you courage during your weak, vulnerable, and uncertain moments.


Goldstone is an uplifting stone that will make you feel better no matter what it is you’re going through.*


The total length of this necklace is 32 cm in length and is made from a silver plated chain and a 2.5 cm pointed Goldstone.


All items are handmade and come in gift box or organza bag as standard and will be sent out and should arrive within 1-3 business days.  


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*info from https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/goldstone/

silver plated goldstone necklace/chain