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The blue in this necklace is just absolutely eye catching.   This crystal is specifically blue Cats Eye and is 2.3 cm in length.  The total length of the necklace including the crystal is 28.5 cm.   Below are some facts and healing properties about Cats eye.  
Some facts about Cats Eye

Cats Eye is a man made stone; it carries wonderful light within it and is a great tool to use in colour therapy but I don’t believe it holds any magic the way real crystals do, but some people do, and this is their interpretation.
Healing properties of Cat's Eye

Cats Eye is said to make its wearer emotionally stable, fortify his spirit and protect from all types of negativity; physical, energetic and emotional.  It also is said to strengthen family unions.
Cats Eye is a strength giving stone that will help keep the bearer strong willed during testing times. It promotes concentration and is recommended to students as is assists with studies and remaining focused.
In respect of blue Cats Eye the following is said specifically for this stone
Blue is associated with balanced communication and clear speech.*
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Silver plated blue cat's eye chain/necklace