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How cute is this mix of a gorgeous butterfly pendant with the healing crystal Black Agate.   This chain is 35.4 cm in length together with the 5 cm pendant attached. 


Some facts about Black Agate 


Agate is the must have protection stone. It protects from stress, from bad dreams and is said to protect children from danger. It enables the wearer to distinguish between false friends and true ones. It brings prosperity and creates an appreciation of nature.


Black Agate like all black stones protect against negative energies

It attracts good fortune and promotes goodwill

It helps to overcome fears and brings strength

Use this stone for protection, success and courage


The Healing properties of Black Agate


Agate is used to treat dizziness, headaches, as well as skin problems. It is essential that the stone should be in contact with the skin near the organ that needs healing.


Tired or inflamed eyes may also be alleviated by applying a disk of agate to them.


Agate has also been used for countless decades to lessen discomfort experienced during certain days of pregnancy.


Also Agates come in many forms and colors and are among the earliest stones used for healing and bringing good luck.


All items are handmade and come in gift box or organza bag as standard and will be sent out and should arrive within 1-3 business days.  


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Silver plated black agate butterfly pendant/chain/necklace