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Cute autumnal colour bracelet and earring set made from chip beads.


The bracelet is made from stretchy string with various size brown agate chip beads.  The length of this bracelet is 8.5 cm


The earrings are made again from various size brown agate chip beads and are 4 cm drop length.  


Some attributes for Brown Agate 

Although, as the name suggests, this stone has a deep connection with the fire, being an agate also has a great connection with the earth, since its energy is soothing and provides security. In general, it has great power to solve problems and help in difficult times. It is closely related to sexual energy, eliminating anxious and destructive desires from this plane. It also has a protective function, although in a curious way. It bounces the bad intentions towards its source, but not in an offensive way, but making him understand the damage inflicted.


Healing properties for Brown Agate 

Combining its power with sandalwood, it helps the endocrine and circulatory system. It resonates with the body’s thermal receptors, which has the ability to reduce heat, hot flashes, perspiration, and fever. It brings vitality to the body by reducing the depletion of energy, and at the same time cleanses etheric blocks and energizes the aura.*


All items are handmade and come in gift box or organza bag as standard and will be sent out and should arrive within 1-3 business days.  


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*Info from http://www.kabeeragate.com/blog/tag/brown-agate-meaning/

Brown agate stretch chip beaded bracelet and earrings

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